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Elise Moore

Elise Moore is a human helpline. 

You know that person you can call in the middle of the night? That person you can count on for almost anything? Elise is that kind of friend. When you call she picks up on the first ring not because she’s a night owl but because she’s already on her way over. Elise is that steady supply of loyalty and support that everyone looks for in life.

Being such a helpful person, one might be surprised to learn that Elise often had to forge her own path in life. Her siblings were much older (all three born exactly six years apart). When she was six months old, her parents separated. Things were not often given to her. And as a result, she’s willing--and even expects--to create her own opportunities.

Growing up with a single mother, Elise witnessed what “work ethic” truly means. For most of Elise’s life her mother Susan had three different jobs. The first started around 4:30 am and lasted until 6:30 pm at a hospital. Come evening, Susan taught at the Metro Business College in Cape Girardeau and, as if that weren’t enough, she ended the day working her third job as a janitor for the school.

Do you think Elise devolved into a self-entitled, lazy do-nothing? Quite the opposite. Need something done? Call Elise. Her sleeves have long been up and her hands are already dirty (this is speaking figuratively of course; Elise takes pride in her well-manicured nails). 

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She goes the extra five miles. 

There is an unmistakable self-assurance that follows Elise wherever she goes. It’s confidence without an iota of arrogance. As she carries herself into a room, Elise has no need to announce her presence, but also won’t shy away from stepping up. It’s this settled self-possession that draws people draw to her.

As one might imagine, Elise is a natural-born leader. But don’t be mistaken—she’s not a needy chameleon enchanted by the spotlight. At every step of the way, Elise has maintained her selfhood in the midst of popularity and new responsibilities. In high school, she was a goth-girl crowned prom queen. In college, she was a metalhead who quickly rose through the ranks to assistant manager at several clothing stores in Saint Louis. 

She earns her way, makes friends and gets shit done no matter the circumstance. 

Early in her advertising career, Elise moved to Kansas City and did so well at a summer internship that the agency requested she drop out of college and join them full-time. Elise took the job but passed on skipping her last year of classes. She spent six months meeting deadlines, commuting across the state and making grades to complete her degree.

To say she worked hard would be an understatement. Although initially hired as a front-end developer, she gradually made her way into the creative department. She jumped into new business pitches and showed her chops as a sharp creative asset. 

During one of these new business pitches, Elise developed some health complications. She didn’t have time to seek medical attention and couldn’t stand the thought of abandoning her team in their hour of need. Eventually, she worked so hard that her mother grew concerned and contacted her supervisors and threatened to call the police if they didn’t take her to the hospital. Not surprisingly, they obliged. Way to go, Mom. 

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She has an innate ability to think ahead. 

In college, after starting out in graphic design, a major in which she thrived, Elise switched to interactive media at Webster University. As a designer, the conceptual approach to every logo or mark was finely turned to her strategic know-how. But that wasn’t enough for her. She felt graphic design wasn’t anchored to something as tangible or practical. Even as a college student, Elise knew that understanding web development would be essential for a leading creative and art director like herself. She hadn't even entered the workforce yet, but she was already thinking about how to make herself more desirable in the job market.  

After college and working at a few different agencies, she met her husband, Chris, by way of unsuccessful matchmaking. She went to see Chris’ band play and was originally set up with the vocalist of the group. But after Chris, the guitarist, introduced himself she quickly realized the two of them would be a better pair. Clearly, she knows better. It’s fitting that the origin story for her and Chris centers around music. This is something that has always played a significant role in her life. 

Fast forward a few years and Elise and Chris decided to forgo the typical expense and ceremony of a wedding. Instead of bouquets and rented tuxedos they eloped to the mountains of Croatia. This shows that what matters most to Elise is her partnership with Chris. Other expectations are secondary to the life they’re building together. 

She is the proverbial backstop to the people in her life. 

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Elise Moore approaches life with a considerable amount of drive and ambition. However, these worlds fail to fully encapsulate her. Her aspirations are not self-involved. She doesn't do things for show or status. She does everything from a place of care and this desire to be that reliable someone to anyone she can. 

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